Our Team

Sembabule District Farmers’ Association (SEDFA) team is headed by 11 Board members who support the secretariat in strategic thinking and action, fundraising, public relations, monitoring and overseeing the work of the organization. At secretariat the organization is headed by the Chief Executive Officer, the organization has 4 departments namely: Agroforestry department, Financial Services / Business wing, Organization Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Accounts.

The organization mainly offers advisory services to its members, nevertheless it also has a coffee huller, coffee nursery which are used to boost service delivery of the organization.

SEDFA members share the following values; Equality for all, inventiveness, adaptability, innovativeness, participation of stakeholders, stewardship, rights and dignity for all and institutional partnership in development

Meet Our Team

General Manager

Lubwama Isaac

General Manager

Kevin Hart

General Manager

Karl White

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