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Bohra Farm Management

Bohra Farm Management develops and manages your farm land. We develop land into following type of farms, Coffee Farms, Tree Plantation, vegetables and Fruits farms Or as per your requirement, we bring your dream farm into reality.

Coffee Farming

Coffee is a major crop in Uganda, employing about 1.7 million smallholder farmers. The country is unique in that it grows the world’s two major commercial coffee species, Robusta and Arabica. We have managed to establish many coffee farms in Luweero District

Tree Plantation

We grow different types of trees including Acacia species, eucalyptus trees, pine trees, as well as fruit trees like Avocado and Papaya.

Maize Growing

Maize is one of the most important cereal crops in Uganda. In particular, smallholder farmers rely on it for food and as a cash crop. They also grow it as an important export crop. We have established many maize plantation farms in Luweero district.

Banana Plantation

 Bananas occupy the largest cultivated area among staple food crops in Uganda and are primarily grown on small subsistence farms. We have grown bananas and developed Land near Nabutaka, Luweero District.

Fruit Growing

The demand for the fruit on both local and export market is still unmet. In Uganda passion fruits can grow well almost in 98% of the Country.  We grow different types of fruits including Mangoes, oranges among others.

Cocoa Plantation

Uganda’s climate is suitable for cocoa production. It thrives under shades and in areas with annual rainfall between 1,500mm to 2,000mm. We have several farms already established. 

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