Agriculture is Africa’s biggest employer. In eastern Africa, 70% of the population and most people living in extreme poverty make a living from farming.

Building on over 30 years’ experience of working with African farmers, Farm Africa focuses on unleashing the productive power of Africa’s smallholder farmers, who manage 80% of the continent’s farmland.

Working with farmers growing cropskeeping livestock and managing fisheries, Farm Africa helps farmers make the most of their land. We share our expertise in growing the most appropriate and profitable crops.

We help farmers prevent pests and act as a bridge with suppliers: we ensure farmers gain access to the high-quality seed and fertilisers they need, warehouses to store their crops and the vaccines that will protect their animals.

One good harvest is not enough. We take a long-term view to help farmers achieve good harvests year after year. We work with them to better manage their resources, to improve soil quality, to conserve water and to better protect grazing land.

Increasing yields is only half the equation when it comes to increasing farmers’ incomes. We help them secure higher prices by working with other farmers to aggregate crops and sell them in bulk, and by marketing their produce better.

Climate change is an additional challenge to effective farming in Africa. We help farmers prepare. We work with them to plan for the long term, especially for climate shocks, like flooding or drought.

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